Every day is a gift (jenga21) wrote,
Every day is a gift

Do you believe in astrology? not sure

What was the reason behind your last hospital visit? my rotation is there.  I was a patient in 2009 for my surgery.

When was the last time you wore shoes with laces? this morning

Do you keep things your ex gave you or do you toss them out once the relationship is over? both.  I'm not throwing away my Cuisinart, but some things I tossed.  .

Are you currently losing/gaining weight or maintaining? probably gaining but I have no idea.

Were your parents strict on you while you were growing up? my mom was.

Have you ever been in a car accident? If so, was it your fault? yes, sort of

What is your preferred brand of lip balm? don't have one

Do you toss and turn often while you sleep? sure

How often do you cook? never these days.  I cooked a lot before becoming an intern.

Who do you have on your speed dial?  All the contacts in my cell phone.

What does your wallet look like? brown leather

Do you tend to throw things when you're mad? not too much but I have.

How often do you see your other half? i'm single

Have you ever been a victim of identity theft? no

Did the last song you listen to have any profanity in it? no

Are any of your current fears the same from your childhood? some of them.

What is the most amount of money you've ever had to borrow from someone? not sure

How long have you owned your current cell phone? since December 31 2012.

Have you ever gotten into a bar/club without having to pay a cover fee when there was one? can't remember

Do you like to go shopping by yourself or with others? I don't really like to go shopping.

What was the last television show you watched? Either Breaking Bad or Girl

Who is older, you or your best friend? I don't really have a best friend

Last clothing item you purchased? hmmm I can't remember haha.  I think a shirt back in August.

Do you smile showing your teeth? yeah

How old is your youngest sibling? hmmm 26?

Which ocean do you live the closest to? Atlantic right now (I think, I'm feeling stupid because I"m not sure what ocean is below the U.S.)

When was the last time you were given flowers? 2009

Is your name pretty common? no

Do you and your other half argue a lot?  single
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